Seeing Joy Or Seeing Only Danger

There is a power here in this simple idea…..

God’s divine providence is trying to get rid of division in everything it does.  (Divine Providence, 16)

We live divided lives.  Often.

Divided, we seek one thing.  We do another.  Our compulsions time and again win at the expense of the best intentions our hearts.

We live between places, blessed and broken, saint and sinner.  Makes the division understandable.  And God’s point, perspective, providence leads us one way … by pushing aside the darkness in our lives we reach the Light. And live there – heaven – undivided.

The slow work of love.  Seeing joy.  Not only seeing danger.






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3 Responses to “Seeing Joy Or Seeing Only Danger”

  1. Steve Tinari says:

    Well this makes me think…. God created us to have FREE WILL – free to do good things and free to do bad things. Does God have FREE WILL? Certainly our God – being all powerful – the way, the truth the light – is technically capable of doing good things and bad things, but has he used this FREE WILL to the extent of doing bad things? Do Angels have FREE WILL? My hunch is that Angels do not have FREE WILL. They are here for one reason and that is to do God’s will. In fact, if we try to be more like Angels – and they do exist – we are getting closer to doing God’s will – pushing aside the darkness in our lives. We can reach the light by assuming the role of an Angel and not giving in to FREE WILL. It’s a bit easier for us to take.

  2. Peter Rienstra says:

    We are born in this worldly life where there is both good and evil and we can choose what kind of life we want to pursue . Most of us have parents that start us on the path we should take and we have many worldly influences that would like to pull us away from what is the right path . Our worldly needs tend to overwhelm our thinking and actions unless we have been taught to take a time to rest and learn about God and his Kingdom that is waiting for us . As we get older we see that life in this world is really very temporary and spend more time learning about our eternal life i.

  3. Dean Hudson says:

    Please consider Divine Providence 16 (7) in its full context: The Lord does not suffer any thing to be divided; consequently it must be in good and also in truth, or it must be in evil and also in falsity. The Lord’s Divine providence chiefly has for its end that man should be in good and also in truth, and for this it works; for thereby man is his own good and his own love, and also his own truth and his own wisdom; for thereby man is man, since he is then an image of the Lord. But inasmuch as man can be, while he is living in the world, in good and in falsity at the same time, also in evil and in truth at the same time, and even in evil and in good at the same time, and thus be as it were a double man, and inasmuch as this division destroys that image, and thereby destroys the man, the Lord’s Divine providence, in each and every particular of it, has as its end that this division shall not be.

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