Final Thoughts On the Pope’s Visit: How We Could Miss It, How It Could Change Us

What a weekend.  Tbe beauty of Pope Francis’ visit touched many lives.

And it is easy to miss it.  To miss the impact and let what could be transformation simply slide into the warm embrace, a fondly remembered time, September of 2015.

Miss #1: That “miss” begins with this.  To be moved, to be moved to tears, is beautiful.  Often a starting point, a “breaking” that leads us to act.  But not always. Sometimes tears are just sentimental.  Sincere no doubt but just sentimental.  So if we find ourselves moved we must move.

Miss # 2: Transitory movement politics gets us only so far. Activists must pave the way for broader coalitions to act.  In one word – how do we create endeavors that are widely based and sustainable? That demonstrate prolonged obedience and sacrifice in one direction while at the same time inviting many into the dialog?

Miss # 3: We cannot do it all.  The Pope addressed many issues from the environment to immigration to the death penalty to homeless to reaching out to those in prison.  We cannot … THANKFULLY … do it all.  And we can do our bit. Just our bit.

So be changed.  Allow the moving parts of his visit to move you, to reposition your life around the primacy of love – Christ’s beautiful command.  To move you to act.  To find that sweet spot of engagement.  Not a place of shrillness but a place of stillness where you feel God’s calling in your heart.  A place where the need is clear.  A place where a leap of faith is needed.  And a joyous place of God’s embrace.



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