This Weird Place

A recent article ended with these words…

Never before have we experienced a moment with so much public alienation and so much private, assertive, and fragmented self esteem.

I wish statements like that were not true.  And I suspect they are.

I experience a world where many of us run, happily, in our own direction. “Private, assertive, and fragmented.” Little in the way of ties. Even less in the way of commitment. In the race to catch up or measure up we fail to show up.

This giddy and shiny independence is way too enticing for the likes of me.  So that quieter sense of God, for me, pulls in and offers a movement of go “back to.”  Back to simpler commitments instead of the headlong rush to the next experience.

I wonder – an open question – if that is where the future of Christianity might just lie.


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