What A Positive Outlook Can Do

It is hard to remain positive.  In light of so much pain, so much chaos, pushing back away from frustration and dispare takes deliberate energy.

That is not to say life is without suffering and the grieving that attends it.  It is to say that context however … the holding as it were … is best embedded in light, not in darkness.  What do those positive emotions bring?

Positive emotions come down from heaven … from heavenly love … which brings life to everything that it touches. (Secrets of Heaven 1589)

We are pone, simply put, to distortions born of negativity. Distorting the world around us in stories that entrap others and entrap ourselves.  It is normal as a pastor to often work with two people in the same family or marriage, each with their own story, each completely believing in the rightness of their cause, and each in a sense then completely “right.”  Those distorions, merged with a negative outlook or “spin”, swirl together, reinforcing the dysfunctions that can quite literally blow relationships apart.

A positive outlook may not solve all the problems of the world.  But what it might just do is help us to change … to change our stories. We all could use a little more benefit of the doubt.  We all could use a smile.

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