Can we trust God?

Obviously, the simply answer is “yes.”

But how?  What does trust look like?  How can we trust when much of our world and much of lives appears so deeply broken?

Maybe part of the answer is understanding trust differently.

Starts, possibly, with this.  Trusting and testing – two different things.  Trusting God is not a matter of laying out our “case” and seeing if God comes through.  That speaks too much of our agenda and leaves too little room for God’s.  It also makes God’s love a completely conditional endeavor.

Trusting is more then a matter of the heart.

Swedenborg, in writing of Christ, held that He completely trusted in an ultimate victory.  However that trust was not built on a case.   It was based on intention. The intention … “salvation of the entire human race … motivated by pure love.”  (Secrets of Heaven 1812)


So trust can be felt, trust can come come alive when we turn, when we recenter our lives around purposeful love.  Recenter our lives on extending care. Extending care out into the world.   A movement away from testing and towards trusting.

There is so much as a pastor for which there are no answers.  And even where answers fail, trust still lives.

 Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Proverbs 3:5


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