25 “Cues” For The Week That Will Come When You Hear “I just….”

God speaks.  Speaks all the time.  Rarely in the form of the clouds parting and visions of light but often in quieter forms of simple conversation.  This week that means paying attention, paying attention to God’s voice in the voice of others.  It might well come in the form of a quiet request for connection, at times of joy or times of grief, with the words “I just….”

  1. I just can’t handle what is going on in my life.  I need a break.
  2. I just had a baby
  3. I’m just concerned.  I know I will miss this congregation if we move out of state
  4. I just lost my job
  5. I just want some balance in my life
  6. I just miss my child
  7. I just feel like I am done
  8. I just want to feel SOMETHING
  9. I just feel so alone
  10. I just want to be a good person, can’t do it any more, appreciate everything I have, want to find peace within myself, learn to love myself.
  11. I just can’t hold on anymore
  12. I just had a good day
  13. I just like Pizza (:-))
  14. I just want peace
  15. I just feel helpless
  16. I just need a hug
  17. I just need a break
  18. I just want to know why
  19. I just want to know how
  20. I just don’t know how to do this
  21. I just wanted to help
  22. I just need somebody to talk to
  23. I just had hip surgery
  24. I just lost my dad
  25. I just got married
Hear these words.  Pay attention to the clues.  Be the church!


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