What are the three gifts of Opportunity Makers? Thoughts on one picture. Seven Words.

In a recent TED talk by Kare Anderson, she noted that Opportunity Makers carry three traits…

  1. Opportunity-makers keep honing their top strength and they become pattern seekers.
  2. They get involved in different worlds than their worlds so they’re trusted and they can see those patterns
  3. They communicate to connect around sweet spots of shared interest.
A beautiful list.  And the list is more than a guarded skill set available solely to a narrow slice of humanity innately gifted with the right code, temperament, cognitive gifts and outlook to practice it.  There is something, frankly, angelic about it as corny as that sounds.  What else would angels or angels-among-us want to create than opportunities for others?  So heaven, maybe, is then this cosmic opportunity making matrix, out of which eternity springs along with the joy and passion of lives fully engaged.
And so thoughts on a picture, posted below. 8 of us.  Working at St. Francis Inn serving the homeless dinner.  Opportunity Makers.  Mary runs our small groups with Rob.  Bob and Kelly are thinking of how to run a summer retreat for teens to work repairing homes in Appalachia.  Lisa, art teacher, works with kids to see bigger worlds filled with beautiful expression. Walt created the whole opportunity … responsible us even being there.  The dude even drove!   Isaiah, in high school, a spark showing through as he talks about Cinema.   And Dave’s passion, sharing the church, supporting pastors who struggle and move and work in days blessed and broken.
And the 7 words?  ”I did not know any of them.”  With the exception of Dave, 5 years ago I did not know one single person in that picture.  Amazing what happens when you hang out with 7 Opportunity Makers!

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2 Responses to “What are the three gifts of Opportunity Makers? Thoughts on one picture. Seven Words.”

  1. How thrilling to see you adeptly you built on my TED talk, teaching me something. You may be interested in more tips (over 200) for Opportunity Makers by adopting a mutuality mindset in my two books: Mutuality Matters and Mutuality Matters More – both available on iTunes & amazon for under $4

  2. Chuck.Blair says:

    Kare -

    So glad you responded! I will grab those books.

    Do you ever speak at churches? We launched a congregation about 5 years ago. A fun task most days.

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