Doing the Do

Doing the Do.  Churches becoming “vessels through which compassion to the community flows.”  Simple.  Profound.

Listen to these pieces of New Church theology ….

Unless will and understanding … goodwill and faith devote themselves to involvement in works or deeds whenever possible, they are nothing…. People who put faith and goodwill together know what is good and are able to intend and do it, but not people who are devoted to faith apart from goodwill.  (Regeneration, pg. 96)

That word “devote” … a poignant word.  That word “nothing” … a rather unappealing alternative.

Strong language.


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  1. Karl Parker says:

    Beautiful post! Connects with something I just read this morning:

    “I felt then, at the table, that if everyone in Hugo’s family (a boy recently diagnosed with leukemia) could remember in the months to come the dancing God who’d joined them in the restaurant that night, then all would be well. No matter what the outcome, all would be well if they took their direction from the God who only knows four words, and keeps repeating them, saying: “Come dance with me.” (from a poem by Sufi poet Hafiz)

    The dancing God is always with us, but often it takes a calamity to make room for him at the table…

    There was no telling how long this bigger perspective would last, but for the moment they all seemed to know something that God knows: that we are sent here to love each other and to help each other — that our lives are about each other. All of our other plans fly out the window in such moments of awakening. Plans for great things are replaced by the greatest thing of all, which turns out to be love, in its simplest, most tender, most personal form.”

    (Elizabeth Lesser, Broken Open, p. 261)

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