Beauty and the Poster Said “Coy”

I get it ….




These take fearlessness. (Seth Godin)

It is hard to be plain.  Being direct … a challenge.  I heard a handicapped comedian, who between twitches and laughs, share profoundly that if social media was around when she was a teen she never would have found the strength to be a comedian.  Heartbreaking and true.  Say what we know to be true … simplicity, awareness, beauty … and a slicing will occur.    Despite the good, despite the health of the body entire, cutting hurts.

It takes then great courage to share our truth as God gives us to see it.  But that truth we know.  It may be the only thing we truly know.  Because it is God’s movement in us.

So the beautiful mother, Kim, spoke to resilience, 85 appointments a year, and “you just do it.”  The brave husband, Rick – quiet courage – spoke of his beloved wife, “She can never fail us and we will never leave her side.”  And the delight of Tryn, that even in the darkness of Alzheimer’s, deep inside, “They are still there.”

All them sharing simplicity, awareness, beauty and in so doing, sharing fearlessness of a sort I can watch but not who I am yet.  A silent and profound witness that God is there.

Kim’s daughter put it so well.  On her poster, held up at the end of church, her 12 year old brother’s name, Coy.  The caregiver she wanted to honor.   Coy cried.  A large truth was spoken with a poster using one word … in all its simplicity, beauty, and awareness. Amen.


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