And there are days I don’t quite know what to write

And there are days I don’t quite know what to write.  And that is true some days, not because of depletion or depression or a sullen refusal to share nicely.  That silence grows from the subtle awareness that life is all so grand and beautiful and filled with awe.  That words won’t do.  You take a picture of the full moon on your iPhone and it just does not quite capture what you know to be true.  That the moon was beautiful and silver and painted the grass and the Cathedral … all too much.  And did I ever so badly want to capture it.  But no picture. And no words quite do.

Last night we talked about clothing for the homeless.  Two women and myself, all preachers and pastors.  And they said “Lets do it October 26th.”  Excusing myself momentarily, I scurried upstairs, a quick retreat to my 3rd floor office, to gain a hurried peak at what the sermon calendar held that week.  No joke … “For I was naked and you clothed me.”  God again, like the moon.  And I try to write about it but the words … well they lack.

It was a good night.


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