And a blessing ….

My life fills with doubts and worries and the occasional “knowledge” that it is all going to hell-in-a-hand basket.  And God I think smiles and gently, graciously blesses me not with answers but with people.

Blessed Wednesday night by Mary, Rob, Bob, John.  Blessed Thursday by Singhe, Tamar, Theresa, Roger, Chris, and Pete.  Blessed always by my family and those I work with.

And I want to pause … share about Thursday just a minute.

See that day is the day we meet, the Sermon Writing Team and I.  And it is is a miracle.  A “golden goose.”  The age spreads from 20 something to 70. College to retirement.  The gender … how it should be, how it must be … balanced.  Very different people. Very much the same.

We cried a lot yesterday.  9/11.  The tragedy and the healing.  The unity of man and God.  God’s greatest dream, “that they may be one”, the same as our deepest dream.

And we experienced a blessing … not with answers, but with people.



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