Lost at 200 Miles Per Hour

We get caught.  We get caught in believing that one more hour at work will make the difference, that one more call will seal the deal, that all work left for tomorrow creates a permanent stain on life’s chances.  There is almost no-one who dares to say slower might actually be better.

So we steer through life in a style that becomes increasingly complicated.   Look at this steering wheel from a Formula 1 Race car.  For many, we might view this steering wheel claiming “I could never drive that complicated a car.”  To which I would kindly add, “Many of you already (figuratively) are.”

It is hard to find our way out.  We struggle with financial pressures as well as pressures more spiritual in nature that mistakenly link our worth and value to job performance.   And I imagine if you are like me there is a very quiet voice deep within that knows the pace and complexity we place ourselves in is simply not sustainable.

Prayer, peace, contemplation, connection, family are.


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