Learning to Fall In Love With Everything

Learning how to see. Not an easy task. And what I get more and more clear on is that God is asking us to learn to fall in love with everything, from our loved ones, to our enemies, to the present moment.

Many of you are following, no doubt, the events in the Gaza strip. The current strife was set off by the kidnapping and eventual murder of three Israeli teens. An article written while the boys were still missing recounted the stories of two moms, one Israeli and one Palestinian, each with a missing bed in their house where their teen son had been.

The empty bed and the suffering is not what connected them. Instead their religious beliefs and historical animosities filled that space with disconnection. The only connection remaining … a desire for vengeance in every widening spasms of violence. Their losses flung them apart.

So the work of love is not easy. Vengeance is many times simpler.

And that is where our role lies – for what churches could be/ should be. Not as collections of hurt but as voices for a re-imagined future where we willingly and sacrificially do the hard work of falling in love with everything.

Hidden at the bottom of a story about the violence in Gaza was a simple note. 350 Israelis going to the home of a slain Palestinian teen to stand in solidarity with his grieving family. A different connection.


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