Is Better Possible?

A beautiful question by Seth Godin.  And one he sadly noted in which “many people are far more comfortable saying ‘no’”

But better is always possible.  As Rev. Peter Gomes noted, the very definition of Christianity is that we are more than our biography.

That pursuit of better is not a chasing after the wind.  It is about the enlivening, God-centered work of being a good person, “… the exercise of vital powers along lines of excellence, in a life affording them scope.”  We live such a life and in living such a life come to witness our capacities expand proportionally for just such a life.   Simply put, we get better…and the walls expand.

I remember coming of age in Pittsburgh as the steel industry, the very economic heart of the region, fell on hard times and eventually collapsed.  The Homestead Steel Factory I toured as a youth, which employed 5,000 plus at its peak, is now the cite of a water park.  There was little thought or conversation of “better” or “change” at that time, only a frenzied desire to stake out claims to a fast fading past.

I wonder if many churches are at that point.  I wonder if there is room for other conversations, specifically the question “Is better possible?”




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