Institutions and Movements

A simple concept … institutions form to gather gains made by movements.  Movements form to propose gains to institutions.   The tension remains obvious.  Institutions want to stay put, to reinforce, gather, solidify gains.  Movements want to move, to expand, push boundaries, discover growth.  Movements then tend to court institutions, proposing gains to institutions that often have, in turn, little desire for courtship.  Institutions, after all, love home.  Movements love travel.

Yet God’s plan clearly takes of both institutions and movements.  There is as Emanuel Swedenborg noted, “Living energy in us.”  The energy, God given, connected to love, does not accomplish anything by itself.  That creativity gains embodiment however as the energy moves and “… motion becomes the final stage of energy.”  (Divine Love and Wisdom 218)  And that motion rests in service, act, deed or practice … in the composite space and time thing itself , aka the institution!

The above is complicated … and not.  Institutions need movements.  Movements needs institutions.   Destroy a church or any institution and the first question will be, “How do we build a new one?”  Leave a church or institution in one place long enough, and some who love it will ask, “How do we get this thing moving?”





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