A Beautiful Task List for NewChurch LIVE…. Find the Courage and Open to Hope

One of the many hidden gems of NewChurch LIVE is the Sermon Writing Team, a group that meets once a week to help with Sunday’s message.   This past week the group shared some thoughts on the auspicious occasion of our 5th Anniversary!   Beautiful Thoughts ….

Our Task

  1. Keep shining a light on what is beautiful
  2. Loving action
  3. Living faith
  4. Primacy of experience over achievement
  5. Free to follow our call, to be part of humanity, to love God and others
  6. See God’s image and likeness everywhere
  7. Be emotionally fearless
  8. Create a spiritual home
  9. Approach life with an assumption of good will
  10. Speak it, show it, and live it
  11. See where God is showing up in the world
  12. Decision to sit with disappointments that are part of the death and resurrection cycle
  13. Hold the brokenness that God can act into
  14. Enjoy variety, allowing others to contribute
  15. Celebrate fearlessness
  16. Find the courage to show up and open up to hope



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