Mother’s Day

God frequently employs the image of a loving mother to help us understand God’s love. Christ did the same in very real world descriptions in which he literally compared his love for us to that of a mother hen brooding over her chicks. Even the word “mercy” in the Hebrew carries the meaning of “womb-like mother love.”  And maybe what those images drive at is grace, the grace a loving mother holds her child with.

To this day I can still call my mom and know everything is alright, that I will always have a “home”, and that somewhere somehow there is a person who sees me deeply not out of limitations but out of beauty!   So the concept of motherhood and spirituality are not far apart.  Mother’s eyes, God’s eyes, not far apart.  A different view of “parent” as a building from within versus a control from without….

God “justifies” (read: “validates”) creation not by parental punishment from without (which really changes nothing except perhaps behavior), but by positive enticement and transformation from within, which is surely a far greater victory and achievement of “justice” on God’s part. This concept of grace is first called mercy, or hesed in Hebrew, the ever-faithful, covenant-bound love of God. I would go so far as to call grace the primary revelation of the entire Bible.

So happy Mother’s Day to all!

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