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God’s Will Is Just Beyond Your Plans

Friday, November 1st, 2013

“God’s will is just beyond your plans” the author said.  How true.

I want and I imagine many of us want to be a conduit for God, that space through which God can work out into the world.  My plans frequently though are too small I sense for God’s will.  My plans are cute, important in a stepping stone sort of way, but that is about it.  And my plans are frequently frustrated.  Chief among those frustrated plans is an unwritten one I bank on daily … that everyone will like what I do and how I do it. And, well, they don’t.

But is there grace there?  Is there opportunity in the pain there?  I know, in moments when the soul settles, the answer rings clear, yes.

When our plans go, the unfolding of God’s will rises.  His ways are not, as the Bible says, my ways.  His plans are not my plans.  They are better, more expansive, more freeing, more still.  They value others more.  They forgive more readily and engage more effectively.  And they always remain attached to what is and the opportunities right here in the daily moments of life – a beautiful Plan B.