Our Money Is Our Story: Welcome to Black Friday

It is easy to bash the rampant consumerism of Black Friday.  Fed by a scarcity mentality that has people lined up outside Walmart at 5:00 AM less than 24 hours after the blessedly slow rhythms of gratitude, connection and Thanksgiving, the day is indeed ripe for the bashing.  (Juxtapose the photograph from Friday morning below to a photograph of gathered families Thursday night)

But if we are to hold to the concept that our intention is what is most important, the bashing abates a bit.  A mom who can only afford a given gift for a beloved daughter if she is first to Walmart in the wee hours of Friday morning may well be more spiritually evolved than the sluggard who plans to shop for her children at CVS sometime Christmas eve.

Where we need awareness I would hold is to understand a simple differentiation between compulsion and intention.  A loving intention to serve those outside of ourselves is far different than the driving compulsion to get more stuff.   On the outside, both may look the same.  However on the inside, each tells a very different story around money and a very different story around spirit.

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