The Blessed Inefficiency of Religion

Our lives are often consumed with “efficiency” – how to fit more into less. Time in this view is a bully, robbing from us, stealing from us.  Never enough.

And then we try to add “religion” onto that flawed model.  Faith then becomes one more thing to do with no time to do it, one more addition to the growing list.  Alongside of Sunday morning soccer for the kids, it doesn’t fare so well at that “efficiency” game.

I want to speak to faith and church being something different.   I want to speak to the blessings of inefficiency.  The fact is that there are clearly more productive ways to spend a Sunday morning than at worship or a weekday night in a small group.   Religious activities are no doubt inefficient.

But so is reading a book when the last chapter will reveal the answer

Or  allowing the 2 hour arc to play out in a movie instead of fast forwarding to the climatic ending

Or simply taking the time to listen one another.

As Seth Godin noted in citing the above, “In fact, you could do that, but when you do, you’ve surrendered to efficiency and lost some life, some surprise and a lot of growth.”

So maybe try a little disciplined “inefficiency” and see what happens.  When we step out of the efficiency trap, miracles can happen.


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  1. Janice Shihadeh says:

    Wow! This article really hit home with me. We live our lives at a breakneck speed, always rushing to work, activities and what do we have to look back and show for this time spent. Sure we have filled our physical lives with stuff but how have we filled our spiritual lives. Jesus talks about this in Luke 9:25, what good is the man who has advantaged much but lost his soul.

    So maybe we need to take a look at our lives and our priorities. If we really want to do something we somehow find the time to make it happen. God didn’t ask us if we wanted to keep holy the Sabbath day he actually commanded it.

    We are called to set a different standard for our lives if we are to follow Jesus. Our busyness needs to focus on God and not the world, only then will we see His Blessings all around us.

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