One Year Ago: Sandy

One year ago we sat through Sandy.  As a young boy growing up in Pittsburgh, Hurricane Agnes, 1972, was a seminal event.  My memory of Sandy is a strange one … watching kegs of beer float down the Allegheny river from a street in Freeport Pennsylvania.

For much of this generation, Hurricane Sandy will form the same indelible mark.

The memories though for me are far different for Sandy than for Agnes.  They are memories of the ways in which people stepped up.  As a 7 year old in 1972, much of that was lost on me.  One simply can’t see human need in the same way as a child vs. as an adult (and maybe that is a God-given protection).   That stepping up took the form of Jenny and Delana’s supply drive, several trips to the area, the last which included a Christmas party dinner of pizza, beer, and fellowship.

So yes there are tragedies.  And yes there is the human spirit.  A spirit that speaks confidently into those events like Sandy that there is a great connection, one person to another, that is blessed and greater than any storm.


3 Responses to “One Year Ago: Sandy”

  1. Myron Kurtiak says:

    My memory of the flooding in 1972 has faded over the years. I do recall how the water came, filled the town of Freeport and then left. Not having relatives directly impacted I didn’t get to see the destruction within the homes. What I have experienced as an adult is the enormous degree of generosity that happens out of kindness and empathy for fellow man when they are in need. It is amazing how God wired us – the giving to complete stangers – folks we have never met and may never meet. Thanks for sharing.

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