How about them Eagles?

I woke this morning to numerous comments about the Eagles and Chip Kelly following their 33-27 over the Redskins.  And why not?  The new look Eagles unleashed a new look offense that left fans thrilled.  That is the lighter side.  The less light side were serious comments by people palpably nervous  about the lack of a quality safety on defense or the penchant for turnovers by the Eagles that must be urgently resolved NOW all of which of course, if unresolved, will interrupt the now inevitable march to the Super Bowl.   Hmm….

The job of faith or religion is not to be the dismissive school marm throwing cold water on that fun out there.  Faith, then, is not about creating the false dichotomy of  Chip Kelly or God.  The job of faith is to point to what matters, consistently and lovingly, not with a finger wag that scolds but in a way that calls us to a warm vision of human connectedness.   That world lived on Monday too.  A Facebook post ….

Interested in lending a hand to someone in need? One of our parishioners needs to have shoulder surgery this Friday. She lives alone and needs someone to go with her to the hospital and wait while she has surgery. She won’t know until later in the week what time her surgery will be scheduled for but predicts a morning appointment. Comment below or send me an email if you are willing to help out

What happened? People responded.   This beautiful woman will not only have a friend by her side for surgery but also several meals brought by new friends, stepping up.

So congratulations to Chip Kelly.  It looks like it will be fun a year.  And thank you to those who in quieter ways reach out for help and thank you for those who respond.  Let us “fan into flame the gift of God” in way that warms, not burns.  (2nd Tim. 1:6)

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