The Crazy Danger Of Fundamentalism

With the election for Iran’s next President about to take place, the leader in the race is outpacing his competition by a wide margin through the slogan, “No compromise. No submission. Only Jalili.”

Such is the crazy danger in religious fundamentalism.   No compromise.  No submission.  Only demagogory.

And the challenges of fundamentalism is far from “over there.”  We face the same forces be that within our churches or within political parties.  Wrap the human propensity for machismo in a flag, add religious language, and label a bad guy, and fundamentalism can rapidly spin a nation into a spasm of reactive violence.

How do we find a way out of that cycle?

That is where we will, in the coming years, need to fully re-dedicate ourselves to answers that heal.  That is a large task, a task beyond purely military answers and one where faith communities can find a place of real service.

A case in point was reading a recent article on the refugee camps in Jordan filled with thousands of displaced Syrians.  Living in a compound without jobs or education is hardly a breeding ground for the kind of enlightened action that leads one along the higher roads of human nature.  With guile replacing an open mind as the modus operandi for many of these youths living in these camps, it is hard to see it ending well.

We can however choose to add our voice to the conversation.  Christ’s voice would not be one of evangelization.  I believe it would be one of love, tolerance, and compassion realized through the service.

What does it look like?  I am unsure of the specifics.  But it would not look like “No Compromise.  No submission.”

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