Power and Love

It is so easy to confuse power with love.  Fr. Richard Rohr points to the core challenge and the new paradigm God calls us to …

Any exercise of power apart from love leads to brutality and evil; but any claim to love that does not lead to using that as power for others is mere sentimentality and emotion. I must admit, it is rare to find people who hold both together in perfect balance—who have found their power and use it for others, or people who have found love and use it for good purposes. I think the Reign of God includes both love and power in a lovely dance. I think that is what Jesus means when he tells us to be “cunning as serpents but gentle as doves” (Matthew 10:16). It is a beautiful combination of both authority and vulnerability.

A loving person then is not as focused on power as they are on empowerment.  There lies a key.  And it is an emancipatory key that takes one out of the crass business of being a gate-keeper.  It moves towards opening doors, not closing them.  Power and love grow then as we give them away.

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