Moving In and Moving Towards

Fascinating.  Just fascinating studying how Christianity moved from a group that numbers in the dozens to a movement that grew to the millions.  As one author noted, it did not start as a religion per se but as a gathering of hearts on fire.  And that start seems so critical to the endeavor we call Christianity.

At times, many centuries removed from the time of Christ, we start things with “hearts on fire” but maybe not often enough.  I look at this congregation.  I came late to the game, enjoyed the task, did the role but it was largely from interest, not from the blessed brokenness of a a heart on fire.  And now, more and more, a heart on fire.  That fire grows from simple witnessing …. a family lost in grief welcomed, new love newly celebrated in marriage, deeper purpose searched for and maybe found,  God’s ever present call to take one more step today.  Both a moving in and a moving towards… that seems to be how this all grows.

And love then gives rise to sight.  As Emanuel Swedenborg captured it:

“To the extent that truth becomes the leader good becomes obscured; but to the extent that good becomes the leader truth is visible in its own light.” (Heavenly Secrets 2407).

The heart bent to goodwill becomes the light by which we see.


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