Palm Sunday: The Epic Fail

Palm Sunday in the traditional Christian calendar becomes a time of great celebration.  It marks Christ’s final entry into Jerusalem, the center of His religious faith as well as the center of political and economic might in Judea.  As He rode into the city, He was met with adoring crowds, waving palms, exclaiming “Hosannah”, and laying clothing down on this path as a sign of reverential joy.

Yet it was an epic fail.

Their raucous welcome grew not from the humility of Immanuel … God with us … but from the hubris of seeing a king now arrived to free the oppressed from the Roman occupation of Judea.  Seeing Christ as warrior, as a god of vengeance, a political kingmaker of this world.  That was the celebration.

Christ’s reaction to all this … He cried!  He cried not from joy at a broad recognition that had long alluded Him but at the failures of a recognition that was all wrong, pointed to the kingdoms of this world not the kingdom of the next.  He cried, lamenting “If you, even you, had only known on this day what would bring you peace–but now it is hidden from your eyes.”

Sometimes celebration can be an epic fail.  Many within that cheering throng … and this is a sobering realization … within a week were calling for his death.



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