“Church” and the new call toward Humanity

Churches do not exist in a cultural vacuum.  They become pivots of a sort, “pivots” where God’s Word, parishioners’ needs, service into the world all gather etc…all coalesce.  And the water all those swim in, so to speak, is culture.

It is then of course no surprise that as past cultural truisms fade churches seismographically register those tremors.  Such is true with economic changes as well.   While a “we are above that” attitude draws a certain admiration to the defiance, it is unwise to think that “religion” and “culture” face one another in a state of perpetual war … South Korea and the North. As New Church theology points out God presents us with two complimentary pillars of truth … the Word and the World.  Welcome to synthesis!

There is much to be said for what the world is teaching us now.  And what the shifts we currently observe will bring us to.   Seth Godin, a popular blogger, pointed out that much of what this new era will search for is humanity.

HUMANITY: We don’t worship industrial the way we used to. We seek out human originality and caring instead. When price and availability are no longer sufficient advantages (because everything is available and the price is no longer news), then what we are drawn to is the vulnerability and transparency that bring us together, that turn the “other” into one of us.

For a long time to come the masses will still clamor for cheap and obvious and reliable. But the people you seek to lead, the people who are helping to define the next thing and the interesting frontier, these people want your humanity, not your discounts.

The service church can provide into that space is remarkable!  We just keep looking deeper.

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