That’s the miracle love lets you say: I am chosen.

Honoring relationship, honoring the words, “You took your life – and took a chance on me. You took your one whole, wild life and took your chance on me. That’s the miracle that rents the sky, that explodes a heart – that you chose me. That’s the miracle love lets you say: I am chosen.”  (Anne Voscamp)

There is nothing easy about love.  We often forfeit the real in pursuit of mirage, the imitation of love that may taste sweet but lasts a day.  Sitting in the awe of having chosen and having been chosen, that is where the spirit, and the soul, and the love, and the relationship spill together.  Where God forms a mirror of His love, His choice, for us with our love, our choice for our beloved. In decision to create and to love, a symmetry.

That is a blessed place to hold this Valentines Day. Not in the place of the ever-present disappointments of two egos unable to merge but in the place of two angels, having chosen.


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