Others are worthy of a love that does not go away … ever.

One author I recently heard talked of his upcoming book, “The Most Over-rated Generation.”  In that book, he talks of his generation and younger, raised on the perpetual sunshine of constant commentary around “how great you are.” The fruit of such loose and shallow sunshine … a generation of folks more interested in talking about change than actual change.  It is again the old bugaboo – Christianity far more interested in self esteem than self surrender, more focused on image than action.

What needs reclaimed is a tenacity that is able to love for the long term.  Such a love continues when those very acts of love have become boring and tedious, a love that in its perseverance overcomes fear.  As one non-profit leader noted, this becomes “long obedience in one direction” characterized by the uncommon willingness to stick with it, tenaciously.  Willing to say, “We do not go away … ever.”

That is hard to “sell” as a Church.  Who wants to be told THAT?  Well my guess is you do!

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