Now that is Deep!

One of the joys of ministry is that you get to experience religious texts first hand without the normal intermediaries – aka pastors preaching.  I remember times in Seminary feeling totally – and happily I might add – befuddled on reading some piece of scripture or theology that I had never heard before.  Here is one that Christ spoke…”By your patience you will possess your souls.”  Hmm.  Now that is a change of perspective.  Scripture and theology have continued to be that blessed unfolding for years now.

This morning I read about a description of heaven by our main theologian in the New Church, Emanuel Swedenborg, who penned his inspired thoughts in the 1700′s.  In it he wrote of heaven as comprised of 3 different levels so to speak.  These levels arrange themselves in a hierarchy that has nothing to do with dominance.  Each level as it were progresses through a learning process.  That process centers on simple truism – an overarching principle – that becomes an organizing paradigm for life.

And what is that overarching principle?  It is mutual love.  ”Knowledge of and desire for goodness and truth introduce them into that emotion, and so far they want what is good, and share in universal love, they … inherit the kingdom.” (AC 1802)  Within that context of universal love, the concept of dominance, one being “better” than another, holds no sway.

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