Two Faced. Who Me?

Two faced.  Who me? Yes you.  And me.

The human condition always presents a mixed bag.  As a private school administrator, I took a group of secondary school males on an overnight to a local camp.  We invited a World War II vet and a recovering drug addict in to speak to the boys on courage.  Their presentations were remarkable.  Within hours however all that was forgotten as the police brought brought a number of boys to camp after they had  decided on a late night streaking excursion through a neighboring housing development.  Two faced, blessed and broken, saints and sinners.

The “sinner” part of us is driven by compulsions.  As New Church theology phrases it, that part grows from a desperate love anchored to the urges of selfishness and materialism.  From that place, we easily rationalize any number of misguided behaviors, remaining wholly convinced that such a life is the only life, and that if we lose it we face obliteration. (Secrets of Heaven, #1740)

But there is another place – the “saint” – in us as well, a place settled beneath the compulsions of the outer man, a place deeply and eternally connected with God.  For humanity, “… our inner self is the Lord’s possession, and so far as anything of their own (ego) does not get in way …. their inner self belongs to God and in fact is God.”  (Secrets of Heaven, #1745)

So the way out of it is simply  a letting go.  As the author Anne Voscamp phrased it, “the most freeing place for a soul is in the abandonment to the will of God.”


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