Frank Meeink at NewChurch LIVE

Frank Meeink will be speaking at NewChurch LIVE on Saturday, January 13th, 10:30 AM, 800 Tomlinson Road in Bryn Athyn, PA. Take a listen to this selection on NPR’s “Fresh Air.”

This is an amazing speaker with an incredible story.  Join us!


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4 Responses to “Frank Meeink at NewChurch LIVE”

  1. Derek says:

    I grew up in Bryn Athyn but this was the first New Church service/sermon/lecture that I can remember which directly addressed the issue of racism. It made me uncomfortable. Which is great.

  2. Dortha says:

    Your posting really stheagrtenid me out. Thanks!

  3. It’s really great that people are sharing this information.

  4. Viris says:

    No surprise to you, I’m sure, Chad and I have been tkaling about that interview too lately! I heard it on NPR on the way into work one day and he was reading through Vietnam stuff for his history class around the same time. It’s a great story she has to tell.(and from the way you posted it sounds like you were born in Vietnam. funny.)

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