Are there days when I am scared to be Pastor?

Are there days when I am scared to be a Pastor? Yes!

The old comforting formalities and known systems within which I grew and came to love God are sliding away ever so rapidly. This is the church where I grew up, adorned for a wedding …. LeRoi Road in Pittsburgh. The church is still there but looks worn to me now and yet still remains filled with the love of people and soft memories of family … Uncle Bill, Uncle Gils, the same altar where my parents married and at which I was baptized … “a block off the old chip” the pastor said.  That church may yet find a new way.



That new is as yet unknown, unseen, maybe sensed. Still love God … I know that! But the systems that once fed and protected and reassured are falling, passing quietly away so fast there are many days where footing is treacherous at best.  And for that I am sad.  There was nothing wrong or bad or evil there.  Loving intentions, dedication, commitment, and for some reason, those very things no longer call to many outside of a nostalgic stirring.

It is a time of relinquishing a world that has gone and finding a willingness towards reception of a world that is being given.  And what is our job there as preachers?

“And there in the midst of the yearning and the wonderment, stands the preacher – not a politician or an economist or an international negotiator. The preacher is one with words given, words other than her own. The question among us is, “What words have been given?” Surely the words that are given are roughly the same words that are always given, words of new possibility. The preacher’s words like the embodied Word refuse the confinement of modern rationality and dare to utter yet another word. The utterance is an assurance with a summons with it. It is a call for a new behavior and new horizon.”

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