How big is that dream?

How big is that dream?  God asks us to dream, to wonder, to even at times stand in simple awe of the world arounds us.

The dream is inspiration – in-spire – a root connected to spirit, breath, and wind.  And yet so easy to succumb to the mundane patter of “reality,” a reality that stomps loudly about the avoidance of anything dangerous or peculiar.   And dreams are just that – the real dreams – the dreams an authentic God humbly asks us to allow through our lives.  Such dreams are dangerous and they are peculiar.

It is the stuff from which movements are made, not movements as in “this is one for the history books” but movements as gentle, unabated, unbowed steps towards a world more deeped wedded to love and caring.  Not muscular Christianity but a Christianity of inspiration, willing to draw along side of life in its multitude of blessed and broken forms, in which we come to know, “It can never be said that heaven is outside anyone. It is within; because every angel accepts the heaven that is outside in keeping with the heaven that is within.”  (Heaven and Hell, 54)


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