Letting Go

There are few more powerful spiritual tools than “repentance.”  Going back to the Greek word “metanoia”, it means essentially to turn around, to change one’s mind.  That turning entails a candid self appraisal – “rigorous honesty” as it is phrased in 12 Step Circles – that then opens to a humble willingness to turn over to God those things that keep us from His more immediate presence.

That “letting go” is cathartic.  It includes letting go of enthrallment with physical pleasure, as well as “emotions and factual knowledge.”  (Heavenly Secret, 1412)   Understand, we are not talking here of embracing an ascetic lifestyle, devoid of pleasure, emotions, and knowledge.  We are talking of an engaged lifestyle devoid of enslaving attachment to pleasure, emotions, and knowledge.  It is life placed in an open field.

Yesterday, a friend shared how tiresome her daughter’s attachment to drama had become.  That is exactly what the above is talking about!   Give up the binding attachment to the emotion of being “wounded”, give up the binding attachment to the  ”knowledge” of what motivated the supposed transgressor, and an “open field” appears.  But that is hard work. Who wants to give that up?  Before you know we will actually find ourselves forgiving others!

And the fact is we can’t give up those attachments through an act of heroic self will.  What we can do is prayerfully offer our best intention to God and let Him do His work.  And we will blessedly “turn.” Our mind will change as we let go.

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