Where is heaven? It is where people who do “what is good for the sake of the neighbor or God” are. (Heavenly Secrets, 9210) In the New Church, we hold heaven then as a present/ future concept. Yes there is a heaven as in life after death. And yes there is heavenly life in this life. We can discover, at a soul level, here and now what we live then and there.

That discovery carries necessary creative tensions … risks … a promise and a price.   There is breath, in and out. Working on the inside. Working on the outside. Building a core integrity as best we can.  Serving those outside ourselves.  Quiet moments of introspection.  Anxious moments of reaching.  Reading.  Speaking.  Prayer.  Dialogue. A willingness to pull right alongside suffering as well as the opportunity to celebrate blessing with joy.

We often mistakenly think that this path is a nailed down/ locked down thing.  It is not.  There is a fluidity to it.  I love Rohr’s words, “I don’t think the important thing is to be certain about answers nearly as much as being serious about the questions.”

It is all largely a big question.  I don’t see that per se as an existential crisis.  Hopefully we can move beyond that to where I believe Christ’s wants us, asking “How can we serve?” “How can we grow?”  ”How can I let go and allow God to do His work?”  ”Who is in my life that needs help, today?”

This takes courage, the courage of the conviction that you have been entrusted with something important that will be graced with God’s quiet voice calling you to be bold about what you do.  That “something important” is your life.

I love what one volunteer said.  He believes God’s first, smiling question as we wake to our new life will be “So tell me, what did you learn?” Such is the life of an adventurer!


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