Alive To The Word

A blessed place to be in life is when we “are alive to the Word.”  What does that term mean?

To be alive to the Word means to be alive to the deeper poetry, the heart and soul within the words themselves.  It is when we move from listening to the music to losing ourselves to the music.  When we allow ourselves to see beyond the surface of things, we find God’s song.

The Bible often is pigeon holed as a do-gooder guide to sanctimonious, self righteous judgment.  But that is at best an unfortunate way to use the Word.  Being alive to the Word means being alive to the ebb and flow within the language and story, a story far from the pristine or perfect but more closely anchored in all the faults, doubts, and foibles of the human condition .  As one Catholic author noted, there are precious few biblical characters worthy of even remote consideration for sainthood…. thank goodness!

Again and again that aliveness calls us to a simple process of spiritual growth.  As Emanuel Swedenborg phrased it, “Actual repentance is examining oneself, recognizing and acknowledging one’s sins, praying to the Lord, and beginning a new life.” (True Christianity #528)  So we look “in” and the look “out.”  We clean up the engine and move forward. The Bible is there to help us with that very process.  New Church theology gives us another layer of clarity, another way of seeing into that every life, that internal sense, the poetry of God’s Word.  Place those two within the context of a church anchored in living that “new life”, and life moves in some refreshing and unanticipated directions.

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