What is risk?

Last night I finished the Movie, “Of God’s And Men.”  Deeply powerful.  Working through more and more what it means to give one’s life to God, not in a brash way but in the quiet understatement common among those whom we would call “saints.”

In that quiet, there is deep freedom.  I imagine many of us have met those who live that freedom.  And paradoxically, in that freedom lies tremendous courage, strength, and determination.  Risk is then redefined.

“Risk all for love, Jesus tells us, even your own life. ‘Give that to Me and let Me save it.’ The healthy religious person is the one who allows God to do the saving, while I do my part to bring up the rear. It always feels like a loss of power and certitude at the beginning, which is why it is called faith, and why true Biblical faith is probably somewhat rare.”

The men in the movie did loose their lives.  They “risked” it all but within the parameters of an empowered surrender to their fates that placed the definition of risk well beyond what common culture can make sense of.  By the end of the movie, with their physical fate obvious, one is left feeling the restful peace of God, a peace filled with hope, the peace of free men – a place where the only call is to love completely.  I close with this scene from the movie in which the head of the monastery talks to one of his fellow monks, a doctor who finds it his call to treat to all who come to him, including members of  the terrorist group who will eventually claim his life.

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