You are allowed to have one opinion of someone else

You are allowed to have one opinion of someone else.  That opinion is that they are a child of God – a powerful thought shared by Greg Boyd of Woodland Hills Church.

That does not mean of course that there are those from it is better to keep a certain distance or to call to ask on certain challenges.  What it does mean is that that person, right here in front of us, is always a child of God first and foremost.

Years ago I was struck on hearing a pastoral challenge about loving your “enemy” – a clear spiritual call.  The challenge was to think of the person you loved the least.  And, right there, to candidly allow this rather disturbing thought to enter the social equation – you only love God as much as you love the person you love the least.  Hard to refute.

From that place I think we can understand the New Church perspective that no one, not even an angel, can possibly know all the ways someone comes to God.

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