Does your life generate questions?

It is good to ask, does the way in which I am living generate questions?  Am I engaged and interested enough in the world and others around me that I approach both with a sense of curiousty and wonder, that in turns engenders questions of discovery?  And the converse, am I living my life in such a way that those who know me may on occasion ask questions about my approach to life?

Finding a spiritual life is not about developing an obvnoxiously over-the-top religous persona.  The most spiritual people I know more often live lives characterized by humility, quiet.  And that quiet, filled with an engaged view of the world as full of pregnant possibility , becomes an incredible question generator. People in that place tend to drink life in, to carry a sense of awe and wonder, as well as expressive gratitude.   In their presence, I am often tempted to ask, “You know something don’t you?”

And I certainly have found most people have one or more areas just like that listed above.  I am struck in my work with couples as we prattle on through several hours of pre-marital counseling work, that often one partner will say something that gives me pause – a statement or marverlous insight which I hear, and know at a deep level to be true.  It leads me, smiling, to the questions, “How did you come to know THAT?”

Too often formal religion is seen as a closing of dialog and open mindedness, far too concerned with funneling conversation rapidly down to one pointed answer.  Many  decry that formulaic approach to truth as doing a dis-service to God’s work in the world, work that is far more organic and awe inspiring than I care to admit. God’s life, like ours, should generate marvelous questions!    How we ask and how we answer tells us much about spiritual life.

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