The Post Christmas Hangover

Christmas seems to always be followed by a lull.  The joy of buying gifts is rapidly replaced by the hassled “ugh” of returning them for the right size, for one that works, for new batteries  blah …..   And then there is packing up the tree …..

I was wondering if maybe that just isn’t a sign for me that I “missed it.”  I think of the Shepherds coming into the stable to see the Christ child.  Imagine Mary looking up.  What would her thoughts have been?  I imagine something to the effect of “They get it!.  These shepherds know what this is about!”  And most times, I don’t.  Too full of my self, my plans, my opinions, my thoughts and my “schedule” I “miss it.”   Just do this one simple exercise – look at your schedule – take out one item that involves shopping in one way, shape or form.  Erase the event. And write in “Pray.”  Bet you can’t do it!

There is such knee bending, mind blowing, transformative, shattering humility woven throughout the entire Christmas story.   Maybe that is where to “get it” and “keep it.”

God, be born in my life in a new way.


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