Predictions for 2012

The role of a pastor is far more about walking with people in the present than about predicting the future! That being said, maybe there is some value in offering a few thoughts about 2012.

Economic Dislocation Will Continue
We are in a time of sea-change. Many of these shifts I believe are permanent and will create not only anxiety but dislocation. And the fact is that humanity does very well, usually, at the rock bottom. We figure it out. (Sounds crazy right!) I think that happens because we start looking for places other than our pocketbook for meaning. As Richard Rohr notes “in desperate and dark situations where the old god doesn’t work anymore, the old self and the old attitudes don’t work anymore. “Our gods much each die until we find the True God.” Each dying god is another darkness and another death.” Finding the True God is HOPE.

Expect To See Signs Of Hope
The hope will not come in ever expanding financial resources. It will come, I believe, in a “settling.” Love whispers. Fear screams. Love will whisper some powerful messages in 2012!

Live Into Solutions
And if you are reading this, you are part of the solution. Live into it. There is a lot of work ahead. NewChurch LIVE is just one part of a different sea-change, a different shift that will meet new economic realities through alternative offerings. We are in the end to be just that – an alternative – an alternative to fear, anxiety, hatred, and need.

We are ready for 2012! May God bless your journey. May God bless this congregation. May God bless this world.


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