“‘Hope’ never adds up but the blessings do.” Anne Voscamp

I enjoy this line from Anne Voscamp’s book “1000 Blessings.” So many of my hopes are attached to the word “more.” I hope for “more” of this, or that – relationship or stuff – believing that in “more” I will finally discover “enough.” That kind of hope is actually hopeless.  Like the millionaire who cooks the books for that extra shot of money, I find myself addicted to the femoral “hope” of attaining “more,” and that “more” will mean I am “complete.”

My Prayer:  I am nothing without you God.  I am nothing without what You already placed in my life – today, this Sunday morning – which in the end is enough – blessings and breaking.  

I can strive but let that striving Lord be from service, be from love, be from a giving that does not care about receiving but only in the Gift. 

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