A Two Minute Sermon for the Pocono Mountain Class of 1994

Wrote this for a great group of young people I had the privilege of teaching/ coaching at Pocono Mountain Senior High School:

Thanks for the kind comments.  You guys are out to make me cry!  Look, my two minute sermon … “You matter.  Make it count.”  Doing a baptism on Sunday and that is what I tell parents to whisper to their kids every night.  And we should whisper it to ourselves.  We are in the middle of such a big sea change.  The American dream is getting redefined away from defining “quality of life” in terms of stuff (or should I say “cheap plastic crap.”)  As we reach certain natural limits, it is going to take a lot of courage and idealism to shift.  And – ready for this – that shift may be one that is deeply blessed, deeply profound – transformational.  Speaking on it this Sunday.  You can listen live (I will give the class of ’94 a plug) online at www.newchurchlive.tv – 10:30 AM.  As I tell everyone we need to stop worrying about being “saved” and start concerning ourselves with the question of being “spent.”  Did we spend the few precious years we have on this planet to really make a difference in the worlds we touched?  How is that for an answer to a “So What?” quiz?  Wish all of you great blessings as you move forward in your lives.  Thanks for all you did for helping me and my family on our journey.

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  1. Jason Bozzone says:

    Coach Blair….I plan to tune in and watch your sermon! Great words of wisdom!

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