Blessings of a skinned knee? Yea right.

We live in a world in which I firmly believe one of the key attributes will be resiliency – the ability to bounce back, to morph and change – while at the same time remaining centered and grounded.  The world simply put increasingly demands flexibility.  That means skinned knees can actually be good.

Working on flexibility is not easy.  I know I spend inordinate amounts of time scripting not only my future but the future of my loved one, seeking to give them safety, security, and a future of “knowns.”  And, I will fail at that endeavor.  They can have those things but not as I define them. They can have them in God. What I can help them with is resiliency.

Lori Gottlieb wrote a brilliant article in “The Atlantic” that spoke to this very point.  The title: “How to Land Your Kids In Therapy.”  (Article)  I would urge to read it even if you don’t have kids.

This Sunday we are looking at the above, juxtaposing Jesus’ clear teachings on the (a) need to take care of family and (b) not take care of family too much.  In other words, “family” is a clear priority in the Bible, and equally clear is the call to reject it as the priority of life. What is that all about?  Could He be telling us something about resiliency, about really helping our kids and loved ones, about safety, security, and what a future of “knowns” really is?

I suspect that family relations are strengthened even more when held in the right way.

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