Obstacle Course vs. Runway

Our view of God is central to our view of how the world works.

For some, the God of their understanding is an angry God, a God of vengeance, a God of conditional love.  The demands of that deity can appear like an obstacle course.  There are “cones” to touch, a course to be run, times and performances to be met.  God’s acceptance of us is based on the speed and accuracy with which we move through that course.  And don’t screw up!

This view holds true in many Christian circle.  God’s anger at the human race was appeased through the bloody sacrifice of His Son, Jesus.  We get “in”, we are “saved” through that sacrifice but only if we regard Jesus as our one, true personal savior.  Left out are all those who did not come to belief.  They are in turn “left behind” to live lives of eternal torment and punishment for non-belief regardless of anything they did.  The beautiful Buddhist?  Toast.   The Mormon who serves overseas?  Done.  The person who tries to live a loving life but can’t find a way to belief right now? Over.

This may appear as overstatements but the “Left Behind Series” has sold millions of books and comic books based on that very premise.

But what if God instead was unconditional in His love?  What if Jesus, not as the Son of God, but as the very Incarnation of God, came to earth to show us clearly how to love unconditionally?   What if the rules of life were there not an obstacle course but were crafted boundaries to form a runway what would allow us to take flight?  Sounds like “the fullness of joy!”

7 Responses to “Obstacle Course vs. Runway”

  1. Byron says:

    I loved someone of the New Church of Dawson Creek Canada and all they did was ridicule me and put me down for not believing the way they did. I had my heart open to worship the Lord in her way and she constantly treated me like I couldn’t comprehend it. I have done nothing but love her unconditionally and the letters I have written to the New Church have gone unanswered. You say you want to accept everyone but when someone is being treated bad by someone who is supposed to love God and love unconditional you turn them away. It has not been a very loving experience for me just one of hatred and betrayal from someone I loved dearly. http://iloverachelmyatt.blogspot.com/2011/05/church-of-new-jerusalem-worldwide-vs.html

  2. Chuck.Blair says:

    Byron -

    Everyone’s experience is individual and it sounds like yours has been really painful. Feel free to send me an email – chuck.blair@newchurchlive.tv – or you can call (215-740-3662) or Skype (chuck.blair2).

  3. Byron says:

    Thank you Chuck when I get the right words to explain what I am feeling to you I will write. As a Christian I know it is right to only love people even if they don’t understand why. I have friends and family writing the New Church both in the US and Canada. They are letters of how much I love people and love life. They have written to this person also even my ex girlfriend who also lives in Canada has written to this person how much I loved them over the years. I see a peaceful religion that respects God and respects man and I am someone who studies religion. I have no ill will towards your faith and wanted to be part of it. Thank you for replying and when I get the composure I will write you it may take a couple of days but I will. God Bless.

  4. Chuck.Blair says:

    I look forward to hearing from you.

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  7. Bennie Liriano says:

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