No Where vs. Now Here

“No where” vs. “Now Here” is one of the transformative shifts of life.  We can see our lives and the opportunities essentially as “no where” or we can see those opportunities as “now here.”

The “no where” perspective is fear driven, blinded to the God given opportunities before it.  As with anything, we can actually practice it and that is where the “no where” perspective can become increasingly a shut down, increasingly life into blindness.  In “Divine Providence” Emanuel Swedenborg writes that unless we act on our intentions eventually our real intention becomes unwillingness.  That was an eye opener for me – imagine if my intention was not just the lack of willingness of actual unwillingness!

The “Now Here” perspective, stated simply, is the perspective of angels.  Angels “desire nothing more than to perform useful service.”  (Secrets of Heaven)  Restated, angels life is about the opportunity – seeing it and filling it.  They fill it on their “own initiative on behalf of God.”

Love then is point – not love that grabs and points towards ourselves but love that we allow to flow through our selves.  That is work, no question.  But it is highly practical.  As Seth Godin noted in his recent book “Linchpin”, the future belongs to those who offer “unasked for gifts of emotional labor.”  Welcome to “Now Here.”

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