Why Celebrate Easter? (Hint: Change is one thing. Transformation another.)

Why celebrate Easter?   In a way, it is a more significant holiday than either Thanksgiving or Christmas. Why is that?

Life is filled with numerous changes.  It also fills with several transformations.  Change and transformation – different beasts.  Change is simply an altering of external circumstances – we move, we get a new job, we loose our hair.  But transformation – that is stuff of the soul.  And Easter centers on transformation.

The deepest transformation it celebrates, from a New Church perspective is the final uniting of the Divine and Human – the two brought together completely in Jesus – God and Man.  His death was the final walking of the human journey.  His resurrection – His raising of His humanity to cloth the Divine.

This kind of high theology is maybe hard to grasp.  I certainly need to ground it for myself – oh – and that’s the point.  We need to ground it for ourselves.  That is the point of Jesus walking on this Earth, facing all the temptations and challenges of the human condition, including hopelessness.   So we could have a loving and compassionate view of God – an embodied, knowable image of God that gives us a model of how to live in such a way as receive the true peace, the true joy He promises.

So get to Church this Easter.  Celebrate the transformation.  Think about your own.  Reach out to someone in the midst of one as we rejoice this Easter at the greatest of gifts – LIFE!

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