The Usefulness of Faith

In my 20′s and 30′s I saw faith as being mostly concerned with “getting it right” – that there were different theological constructs in Christianity and that our job was to somehow ferret out which one was “right” and then use that arrived out “proof” to prove the other one’s “wrong.”

I see the Christian message far differently now. Jesus clearly did not concern Himself much with theological conjecture.  While variety in worship no doubt pleases God the rancorous theological debates that pass for clerical “work” these days I believe Jesus finds offensive.  Those arenas simply are not supported when one looks at the life He lived as recorded in His Word.

From the New Church perspective, such debates are more than just harmless distractions.  They feed a perspective of salvation based on faith alone.  In other words, it is all about faith alone, head alone.  So our role is to come from a loving heart – a place which dissipates the needless differentiation of faiths.  As New Church theology notes, when we come from that place, rancor is displaced by a simple exchange of opinions.

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