Spring Is Coming

Spring is coming!  What a joy it is to start to see the first signs – from birds singing to snow drops blooming.  Seasons are such a blessing – each creating gratitude for what was and what is to come.

We moved through a difficult winter and are now ready for spring and summer.  “Lets Build A Church” is about getting ready.  As one author noted, it is the “work before the work.”  That “work before the work” is about readying ourselves in ways that are not always, in the short term, comfortable.  Can we seek to be the Christian message of a deeply loving God?  To see and experience that message in others?  Can we embrace, even sanctify the chaos of moving out of established patterns into the excitement of the unknown?  When I think of questions like this I both smile from great joy and smile even a bit out of nervous apprehension.

Moving forward is the very basis of life, life in its deepest, most giving form.  We possess a very clear vision for where we are headed.  Important to note however, that that mission is not a point on a map, a set destination.  It is clear vision about creating mechanisms that open us up individually and as a Church to ever great engagement in the world around us from the perspective of a deep love lived out in service to others.

You will hear about that mechanism over the coming weeks.  That new architecture builds on the incredible heart and work that launched NCL.

Stay tuned.  Spring is coming!

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